About Me

I’m Sarah Breaux! I was raised in midcounty as a homeschooler, and graduated from Art Instruction Schools of Minneapolis, MN in 2014 and Southern New Hampshire University with my BA in Graphic Design in 2017. In 2018, I married my husband, Jonathan, and now we live in Beauart Gardens, where we make music together (that is actually how we became friends).

Half my time I spend working as a Graphic Designer for gerstenberg.clinic and for my own company, FreshwaterPearls Design Co. The other half I spend teaching and writing music. I love learning new things and I love making music – so teaching it is such a blessing as I get to help people discover new joys.

If you like, you should look at the music that I’ve written. I have a few songs on my YouTube channel.

Most of them are about my relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ. That is truly the most important thing ever to me. He is the Creator of all the beauty in this world. All the truth. All the hope. And He is the Author and Finisher of my faith. And I love Him for it.