Imagine how nice it would be for your child to be able to sit down at the piano, play whatever song they’d like, and even write their own music!

This broad scope of what one can do with the piano is my goal; training students to attain full music literacy. Literacy is knowing the language of music (as heard) and also the written language (as seen in sheet music). Not only does this bring much joy, but also is great exercise for the brain. Stanford University confirmed that music strengthens prediction and attention skills. Northwestern University found that just listening to music doesn’t at all yield the same benefits as participating in it. Playing music teaches one to hear and understand sounds that one otherwise does not, which helps with reading skills. Because of these reasons, everyone should be playing an instrument!

The Studio is located in the Midcounty area of Southeast Texas and is geared for grade-school age children, though I can take a high-school student or adult who is a beginner.

About Me

I’m Sarah Breaux! I was raised in midcounty as a homeschooler, and graduated from Art Instruction Schools of Minneapolis, MN in 2014...


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Expect from me:

  • Music theory – This includes explanation during lesson time and homework so that students understand WHY music works the way it does. This also helps them write their own music.
  • Rhythm training – This is essential to being fully musically literate, and my curriculum makes it fun!
  • Writing music by ear – My program takes the student at his or her own pace – baby steps, or leaps and bounds. The results are extremely satisfying when you write your own music!
  • Sight-reading exercises – Though not a huge part of my curriculum, this is so important to long-term musicianship. We work on being comfortable “giving a go” at never-before-seen sheet music.
  • Sheet music tailored to the student’s level – I spend a lot of time selecting music for each student’s individual personality, gifts and ability – particularly for Christmas and Spring recital, but also for other occasions.
  • Tips for successful practice – Though I require diligent home practice, I don’t want to leave anyone in the dark. I coach the students in how to spend their practice time, since quality time is more important than quantity time.
  • Practice incentives – Received at the end of each semester for a job well-done!
  • Timeliness – Each lesson will start and stop on time to give each student the full value of their lesson.
  • Good communication – I am always available via my cell phone or email, you can expect a reply within 24 business hours. I will keep in conversation with you about your student's progress.
  • My full attention during the student's lesson – Whatever I do during your lesson time will be focused on your student and their musical needs.
  • Monthly YouTube uploads of your student’s progress – Only if this is something you’d like. It gives you a record of progress and something to share with friends and family. (Disclaimer: Sometimes the uploads are not exactly monthly…)
  • A Christmas recital party – For students only. We play our prepared Christmas pieces and have games and treats. It's a great opportunity for peer encouragement, and less stressful that spring recital.
  • A Spring Recital – This is a time for your student to demonstrate the progress they have made throughout the term for friends and family.

What I require of you:

  • Completion of weekly homework - I need the parent’s involvement in this. Children (and teens!) are young and still learning how to invest their time wisely. Without you keeping them accountable, they may skip following what I’ve told them to do and spend their practice time as they prefer. Though they are free to spend time at the piano for fun, when they are practicing, they should be following my instructions.
  • Timeliness - For your benefit, I expect you to arrive slightly before your lesson time, so that I may begin the lesson on time and your student gets the most value for their tuition.
  • Communication – Hearing the student’s emotions from a third party is very helpful. Knowing whether they are feeling excited, anxious, overwhelmed or under stimulated provides insight to mold the teaching process. After all, I want what is best for them.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice! – This is what determines the degree of your success. It will be a waste of your money and my time if this is not a priority. I expect daily practice, reflective of your student's age and ability.

Tuition & Schedule:

Lesson term starts the first week of September (Sept 5, 2022) and finishes the first Saturday of May (recital being May 13, 2023), with six weeks of vacation including Thanksgiving week, Christmas/New Year's break (last three weeks of December), week of BISD Spring break, and one week of vacation to be determined later – 29 total lessons over 35 weeks. (In the case that I need to cancel for any unforeseen reason, and cannot make it up, I will extend lessons to the 2nd week of May, etc.)

Text me if interested in starting your lessons in August instead of September and I will work with you. Your August time slot may not be the same time slot as the rest of the year. The extra month is very helpful for making progress, but many families cannot commit to a particular time slot till September.

The 2022 Christmas party will be Friday evening, December 9th from 6-8pm. This is for students only.

In order to help your budget and my bookkeeping, I have calculated the cost of your total number of lessons and divided that into 9 equal payments. Your tuition pays for more than your weekly lesson, including preparation time, the Christmas recital party and preparation for the Spring recital (there will be an additional fee to help cover costs for the Spring recital).

Tuition is $75.00 per month or $570 for paying the full year up front (a 5% price deduction)*. A $20 registration/supplies fee is in addition to this for new students. I prefer cash or check, but also offer PayPal or Venmo. You will be responsible for any books, sheet music, or flashcards that I purchase for your student. I simply pass my cost on to you.

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*Would not include additional lessons in August.